Komodo Systems has been approved for a US Patent covering its ground-breaking new technology.

Meet the perfect tool for User Experience monitoring

The Komodo Eye makes life significantly easier for anyone trying to manage company wide Wi-Fi. The Komodo Eye is a 24 x 7 x 365 way to test, analyze and report the User Experience on your network.

A Lifesaver for Company Leaders in every industry where Wi-Fi user experience is mission critical.

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How It Works

Imagine the perfect user who is on your network 24/7, telling you what they are experiencing, helping you diagnose network issues, and sending you reports about how your network is doing.

Collect the Data

You place small devices called Komodo Eyes throughout your office space. The Komodo Eye continuously simulates and monitors a user’s end-to-end Wi-Fi experience on your network.

Monitor Multiple Locations

A single Komodo Eye to monitor an entire building's Internet service is a great start. Place a Komodo Eye in every building in your entire company. In places where Wi-Fi is mission critical, add an additional Komodo Eye in that location.

Receive Straight Forward and Actionable Reports

Komodo analyzes all of the data and provides historical graphs, trend analysis, and detailed measurements that empower IT personnel to quickly identify and remedy problems, especially pesky intermittent recurring issues.

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Understand What's Happening With Your Network

Awesome Benefits

Improved UX equals greater satisfaction, increased productivity, repeat business, customer retention, enables users to accomplish their goals, and make lives better.

Help Troubleshooting

Real-time, by-the-minute, network metrics and actionable historical data makes it easy to troubleshoot issues, saving time, money, and frustration.

Looking Good

The Komodo reports are designed for both technical and non-technical personnel. Our easy-to-understand network grade reports give your boss a high-level view of how your network is doing.

Receive Alerts

Notifications when applications or networks have exceeded pre-set thresholds – alert  you to issues and give you the ability to respond  and take action to remedy the problem quickly and effectively.

Some of Our Customers

Powerful & Intuitive Digital Dashboard

  1. shows you daily, weekly and monthly graphs
  2. helps you resolve issues and identify trends
  3. view up-to-the-minute metrics in addition to historical data

Traditional network monitoring systems ignore the user experience and create a blind spot that is exposed only after an incident is reported to the IT department.  Don’t wait for an angry person to tell you something is wrong, rely on a Komodo Eye to do the job of measuring and reporting user experience with actionable data that adds true value to your IT staff.

Keep an eye on on all aspects of your network

Place a Komodo Eye where it is important to continuously simulate and monitor a user’s end-to-end network experience.  With Wi-Fi, you can monitor key indicators like signal strength, latency and the speed of your network.  Keeping measurements historically allows you to see how network changes affect user experience.

Enterprise Wi-Fi performance monitoring from the user's perspective

Increase user productivity

Have confidence in your Wi-Fi

Maximizing your network investment

Retain customers and make employees happy


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