Early Detection & Fast Resolution of Wi-Fi Problems

Detect issues between the access point and wireless device then resolve issues within minutes instead of days.

Monitor Wi-Fi From the User’s Perspective

75% of people say 1 week without Wi-Fi would leave them grumpier than 1 week without coffee. - Iconic Displays

Organizations predict the percentage of BYO desktops and laptops will grow from 18% to 25% this year. - Citrix Mobility Report

Up to 70% of consumers in-store have a Wi-Fi capable device in their pocket. - Retail Touch Points

94% of people cite Wi-Fi as the most important hotel amenity. - Hotel Chatter

See Your Network Like A User

Komodo is an innovative Wi-Fi monitoring solution that allows you to see your network from the user’s perspective. Monitoring this way gives you insight into issues that escape other hardware and network monitoring solutions. You’ll be able to detect and resolve these issues before your users even realize there’s a problem. The Komodo Eye provides round-the-clock visibility on network performance, compares it with historic trends and triggers instant notifications on network failures. See how by watching our new video.

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How Komodo Works

Users can encounter any number of problems when accessing your Wi-Fi network: from a DHCP failure to assign an IP address, to poor signal strength, to inability to associate to the access point. Most of the time, you won’t even know about these failures until a user starts to complain.

With Komodo Systems, small probes called Komodo Eyes are placed throughout your building to continuously simulate and monitor a user’s end-to-end Wi-Fi experience. You can monitor key indicators like signal strength, latency and the speed of your network and keep the measurements historically. You can focus on business critical locations like the loading dock or the executive board room.

Measurements are taken every minute, from every Komodo Eye, and test results are immediately uploaded to the Komodo Dashboard. This cloud-based system takes the information obtained from each Eye, then it analyzes and interprets the data. It provides historical graphs, trend analysis, and detailed measurements which empowers IT personnel to quickly identify and remedy problems, especially pesky intermittent but recurring issues.

The Komodo Dashboard notifies IT staff of any critical issues immediately via email or text. It also provides daily, weekly and monthly reports for technical and non-technical personnel. You can also use the Komodo App from any device to receive alerts, check status, or view measurements from every Komodo Eye in your network.

You Can Deliver Better WiFi.

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