Worldwide Speed & Latency Map

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A Komodo Grade

defines the quality of your network

The Komodo Eye measures and grades your network.  At home, or at work, you connect to Wi-Fi and use the Internet.  A Komodo Grade reflects user experience with traditional grade letters.  An “A+” is the best and an “F” is the worst.

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Komodo Systems has been approved for a US Patent covering its ground-breaking new technology.

Industries Using the Komodo Eye

Manufacturing and Warehousing


Managed Service Providers




Companies that Heavily Rely on Network Performance

  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Call centers
  • Distribution centers
  • Restaurants

  • Universities
  • Public schools
  • Medical centers
  • Banks
  • Online Retailers

  • Warehouses
  • Lending Institutions
  • Data Centers
  • MSPs
  • Digital agencies

  • Customer Service centers
  • Hotels
  • Retail stores
  • Malls
  • Insurance providers

Reasons why you need a Komodo Eye

✓ Your company relies on the internet

✓ You value employee productivity

✓ You value customer rention

✓ You like to keep an eye on your network and know what’s happening

✓ You want to see what users are experiencing

✓ You want to uncover your Wi-Fi blind spots

Enterprise Wi-Fi performance monitoring from the user's perspective

Proactively find and fix network problems before users complain.

Cloud-based data storage and a rich dashboard makes root cause analysis quick and easy.

Put an end to the common complaints “The network is down,“ “Wi-Fi is slow,“ or “I can’t connect.“

Be a Wi-Fi superhero by decreasing complaints, increasing productivity, and decreasing costs.


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