Monitor user experience with the Komodo Eye

The Komodo Eye is a small wireless device that simulates, monitors and reports the user experience on a network.

Komodo Systems has been approved for a US Patent covering its ground-breaking new technology.

A Text Love Affair - helps you understand why the Komodo Eye is the perfect tool

Keep an Eye on Everything

Place multiple Komodo Eyes throughout your building to continuously simulate and monitor a user’s Wi-Fi experience. You can monitor key indicators like signal strength, latency and throughput.  Historical data and graphs can be viewed in the Komodo Dashboard.

You can also set up alerts and be notified when an area of the building is having poor Wi-Fi performance or poor application performance.

Komodo Value starts with exposing the Blind Spot:

Yes – the Blind Spot between your AP and your users. With a network probe taking measurements like a client device in the user’s airspace, the Blind Spot is eliminated.  The Komodo Eye records metrics and immediately makes them available via the Komodo Dashboard, text, email, SNMP, syslog and a REST API.  You can finally see what your users are experiencing.

With Komodo historical graphs, trend analysis, and detailed measurements, your IT personnel are empowered to quickly identify and remedy problems, especially irritating, intermittent, time-consuming, and recurring Wi-Fi issues.

Fast, Easy Setup

Installation is simple and easy.  Just plug the Komodo Eye into power.  It can be pre-configured for testing and reporting over W-Fi.  You can also simply plug the Komodo Eye into power and Ethernet.  It will automatically start testing and reporting.


For more advanced setup, you can use a wizard to walk you through the process.  For sophisticated networks that have QoS and other advanced networking configurations, including captive portals, you can use the Komodo Dashboard to customize and configure your Komodo System exactly as you need it to help deliver an A+ Wi-Fi user experience.

Enterprise Wi-Fi performance monitoring from the user's perspective

Proactively find and fix network problems before users complain.

Cloud-based data storage and a rich dashboard makes root cause analysis quick and easy.

Put an end to the common complaints ``The network is down,`` ``Wi-Fi is slow,`` or ``I can't connect.``

Be a Wi-Fi superhero by decreasing complaints, increasing productivity, and decreasing costs.


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