WiFi Monitoring & Analytics For Any Organization

WiFi is a mission-critical asset for most organizations, and managing that asset has never been more important. Whether you’re in manufacturing or healthcare, education or retail, the ability to deploy and monitor a reliable, responsive wireless network is becoming more and more paramount to operational efficiency and overall user satisfaction. Komodo helps you to monitor your WiFi network from the user’s perspective regardless of who your user is.


Here are just a few of the applications that Komodo was designed for:







Logistics & Distribution



Can Komodo Help You?

Whether you are a large enterprise or a small office, Komodo enables you to measure and monitor your network from the user’s perspective.  This, in turn, empowers your IT personnel to root cause and resolve issues quickly, even before users become aware of them.  It insures a much higher level of satisfaction and an overall higher quality Wi-Fi experience.  And best of all, you get all the tools and hardware necessary to monitor Wi-Fi in a simple, cost-effective form factor. If you’re ready to find out how Komodo can help you deliver the bullet-proof wireless service that your organization needs, fill out the form below and we’ll show you how our solution can work for you.

You Can Deliver Better WiFi.

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