Application Testing Blindspots

Application Performance & Availability

The Komodo Wi-Fi network probe measures and reports end-to-end application performance and application availability. Metrics are gathered starting from the client device connected by Wi-Fi, along the entire route, ending at the application server. A person with a complaint only cares about getting work done – if the application is down – the network is down. The Komodo Wi-Fi application test measures and records all the relevant metrics to ensure that applications stay running, work gets done, and the network delivers an A+ user experience.


Network Metrics & Wi-Fi Speeds

The Komodo Wi-Fi network probe records and reports key network metrics like speed and latency.  These metrics relate directly to the user experience.  The ability to quantify a person’s complaint with metrics is the only way to solve the problem. Komodo Wi-Fi measures and records data hiding in blindspots – data that IT staff needs to fix the problem.


Network Segments & Slowness

The Komodo Wi-Fi network probe measures every network segment from the end-user device all the way to the application server.  When a person is having a bad experience the only way to isolate the problem is to know exactly where the problem is happening in addition to where it is not happening. Komodo Wi-Fi application tests illuminate existing blindspots.