A Komodo Grade

defines the quality of your network
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Komodo Systems has been approved for a US Patent.

What is a Komodo Grade?

You deserve an A+ user experience

The Komodo Eye sensor measures and grades your network. At home, or at work, you connect to Wi-Fi and use the Internet. A Komodo Grade reflects user experience with traditional grade letters. An “A+” is the best and an “F” is the worst.

Is the Wi-Fi or Internet down?

When you want to read email, check a website, or watch a movie – things should just work. You don’t care if it is a device problem, an Internet problem or a website problem. You just want to have a great user experience.

Take control!

What is the problem? Who do I call? A Komodo Grade tells you when things are bad and getting worse. A dashboard report, or email report, tells you what is causing the problem and who to call to get it fixed. All the necessary information is at your fingertips.

What does a Grade Report look like?

Worldwide Speed & Latency Map

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