Internet Speed Test & Audit

Are You Getting What You Pay For?

Komodo Wi-Fi uses a Komodo Eye network probe to send you a daily Komodo Grade report indicating whether the Internet service you are paying for is meeting your expectations.  You will also receive a monthly summary report that includes all outages.  All the information you need to have an effective conversation with your Internet Service Provider is at your fingertips – your Internet blindspot is eliminated.


Service Level Agreement Auditing

Do you have a Service Level Agreement with your Internet provider?  How do you conduct an audit and verify that the SLA is being met?  Are you trusting the Internet Service Provider or would you prefer having independent 3rd party verification of that SLA?  Komodo Wi-Fi conducts an audit every minute of every day and puts the power of that information in your hands with a Komodo Grade report.


Net Neutrality is Neutered

Your Internet Service Provider can throttle your bandwidth for any reason.  Net Neutrality law was meant to protect you but now it has been neutered.  Don’t rely on your government to protect you – take control with a Komodo Eye and start auditing your ISP.  You should get what you expect – a high-quality A+ user experience on the Internet every minute of every day.  The Komodo Wi-Fi Komodo Grade report keeps you informed.