Troubleshooting Blindspots

Intermittent Connectivity or Slowness

Komodo Wi-Fi trend analysis shines a light on connectivity or slowness issues. No problem is harder to solve than an intermittent one. It requires frequent data samples 24 x 7 x 365. The Komodo Wi-Fi network probe captures and keeps data on every minute of every day.


Device vs. Network vs. Application

The Komodo Wi-Fi network probe measures and records key metrics that make it possible to quickly isolate problems. Narrowing down who is affected is the key to understanding the scope of the problem. An end-to-end Komodo Wi-Fi network test has the ability to communicate whether the problem is a isolated to a single device, single network segment, or a single application.


Solve the Problem in Minutes not Days

The Komodo Wi-Fi network probe has a comprehensive suite of tests and test methods. If the problem is caused by Wi-Fi the only solution is an IT person with an airspace scanner onsite. Eliminate the fear of spending days or weeks trying to solve a problem. Komodo Wi-Fi ensures that you have the ability to root cause and resolve problems in minutes instead of days.