A Komodo Eye

is as essential as the network itself
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Komodo Systems has been approved for a US Patent.

What is a Komodo Eye?

A Network Sensor

The Komodo Eye network sensor is a small wireless device that simulates, monitors and reports the user experience on a network. For instance, the Komodo Eye will test and make sure that a person can access and use websites like Facebook and Netflix. It also measures whether you are getting the Internet speed that you were promised.

How does it work?

Every minute the Komodo Eye does a test.  It will do multiple tests over the course of an hour.  Each test is designed to simulate a user and do the exact same thing that a person does with their PC, laptop or phone.  Test results are recorded and sent to the Komodo System analysis engine.  You can see the results in the form of a Komodo Grade on your dashboard.

Can I install one myself?

Installation is simple and easy.  Just plug the Komodo Eye probe into your home network.  Typically, you plug into the modem or router provided by your Internet Service Provider.  The Komodo Eye instantly begins testing your network and will send daily, weekly and monthly reports.  Alternatively, you can receive instant notifications when there is an outage or other issues.

How do I get my hands on a Komodo Eye?

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Keep an Eye on Everything

Place multiple Komodo Eyes throughout a building to continuously simulate and monitor user experience.  You can monitor key indicators like signal strength, latency, and throughput.  Historical data and graphs can be viewed in the Komodo Dashboard.

Configure alarms and notifications when an area of the building is having poor Wi-Fi, network or application performance.

Illuminate your Blind Spots

You have blind spots: between the Wi-Fi access point and the user’s device, between the user’s device and the Internet Service Provider, between the Internet Service Provider and the website. The Komodo Eye shines a light on all that darkness.

The Komodo Eye simulates user activity and records key metrics. Those measurements are uploaded to the Komodo Systems analysis engine which processes the data and triggers alarms, notifications and reports in addition to a real-time web dashboard.

Fast, Easy Setup

Installation is simple and easy. Just plug the Komodo Eye into a power source. It can even be pre-configured for testing and reporting over W-Fi. You can also simply plug the Komodo Eye into power and Ethernet. It will automatically start testing and reporting.

For more advanced setup, you can use a wizard to walk you through the process. For sophisticated networks that have QoS and other advanced networking configurations, including captive portals, you can use the Komodo Dashboard to customize and configure your Komodo System exactly as you need it.