The Komodo Eye

as essential as the network itself

A Network Sensor

The Komodo Eye is a small wireless device that simulates the user experience on any network and reports test results to a cloud based dashboard. Komodo sensors run through the same steps as a client device, from network authentication to accessing an application – gathering hundreds of metrics along the way.

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Small Office

$99 Hardware

Plus monthly maintenance fee

Standard unlimited data storage
Small footprint
Fast Ethernet

Standard unlimited data storage
Gigabit Ethernet testing
Approx. 3000sq ft coverage

Standard unlimited data storage
Cellular backhaul standard
PoE Integration optional

How does it work?

Every minute the Komodo Eye does a test. It will do multiple tests over the course of an hour. Each test is designed to simulate a user and do the exact same thing that a person does with their PC, laptop or phone. Test results are recorded and sent to the Komodo System analysis engine. You can see the results in the form of a Komodo Grade on your dashboard.

All probes come with a free application available both on:


Can I install one myself?

Can I install one myself?

Just plug the Komodo Eye probe into your home network. Typically, you plug into the modem or router provided by your Internet Service Provider. The Komodo Eye instantly begins testing your network and will send daily, weekly and monthly reports. Alternatively, you can receive instant notifications when there is an outage or other issues.


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