Wi-Fi Scan Blindspots

Wi-Fi Airspace Scans Every Minute

The Komodo Wi-Fi network probe scans the Wi-Fi airspace every minute of every day of every hour – all day long.  All of the data is recorded and stored for analysis, graphing and visualization.


Signal Strength Heat Map Through Time

The Komodo Wi-Fi network probe enables you to visualize Wi-Fi signal strengths with a heat map through time covering every single minute of the day.  The map includes actual network speeds in concentric rings emanating out from an access point.


Channel Saturation & Rogue AP Detection

The Komodo Wi-Fi network probe measures and records radio signals.  Wi-Fi network speeds fluctuate significantly and are affected by other radio signals in the airspace.  See how everyone else is affecting you. Eliminate the Wi-Fi blindspot. Komodo Wi-Fi data empowers you to manage your Wi-Fi airspace and receive alerts on rogue access points.